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Heating Food

Efficient methods for cooking food and boiling water


Simple and effective designs to help grow food.


Keeping healthy with clean water and good hygiene.

"Pop Can" Stove

“Pop Can” Stove

A simple and extremely light weight alcohol stove made from a pop can ...
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Scythe & Grain cradle

Scythe & Grain cradle

A grain-cradle fitted to a Scythe reduces the need for a sickle or motorised brush cutter ...
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ZeerPot - Refrigerator

ZeerPot – Refrigerator

This simple 'pot in a pot' fridge uses evaporative cooling to keep fruit and vegetables fresh for longer, it doesn't ...
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"Tin Can" wood gas stove

“Tin Can” wood gas stove

A simple wood gasification stove made from widely available tin cans ...
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