“Tin Can” wood gas stove


November 20, 2016

Wood gas stoves are a more efficient way of burning wood than a traditional fire. They work by pulling the hot gases produced by the burning wood, down through the fire and mixing them with oxygen within the skin of the stove. This flammable gas mix is then fed (through convection) up, back to the top of the stove for burning. Although this is a small stove, the principal can be scaled up to make stoves more suitable for large families.

  • Prep: 1 hr
  • Lifespan: 2 yrs


1Using a tin opener, remove the bottom of the empty paint tin.

2Drill 8 large holes around the bottom of the large tin. These are the air intake holes.

3Drill 8 large holes (of the same size) into the bottom of the smaller can, these for the ash tray, and allow the wood gas to get pulled down, through the fire.

4Drill 16 small holes around the edge of the small can, these are for the mixed gasses to escape and feed the flame.

5Push / hammer / fix the small tin into the larger tin through the bottom. (see photo)


1 Small Empty food Can

1 Large Empty food Can / Empty paint tin

Where is this useful?

This wood stove, can be used wherever fuel be found.

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World Map - Region


Do not use indoors, or in arid areas where fire can spread quickly.


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