ZeerPot – Refrigerator


November 19, 2016

This simple 'pot in a pot' fridge uses evaporative cooling to keep fruit and vegetables fresh for longer, it doesn't need electricity to function. Place the small pot within the large pot, separating the two with sand. Use a damp cloth as a lid. The outer pot needs to be made from a porous material such as clay, to allow the water to slowly evaporate. The smaller pot which is used for food storage can be glazed but must be able to fit within the larger pot. The sand between the two pots needs to be kept wet at all times for the fridge to work. Store the fridge in the shade and with good airflow.

  • Prep: 2 hrs
  • Lifespan: 3 yrs


1(If any of the pots have drainage holes, use clay or glue to close them)

2Add a little sand to the large clay pot, to that when the small pot is placed within, the two tops are level.

3Place the smaller pot on the sand within the larger pot.

4Continue to fill the gap between the pots with sand.

5Wet the sand to make the fridge start working

6Use a damp cloth to cover the fridge and its contents.


1 Small Glazed Pot

1 Large Un-glazed Pot

3 kg Fine Sand

Where is this useful?

The pot-in-a-pot refrigerator works well in warm, dry air.

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Environmental Facts

Material AcquirementOpen cast mining.
Raw Material ToxicityVery Low
RecyclabilityComponents easily re-usable
Final Product ToxicityVery Low
Saturated FatVery Low
Construction & AssemblyLow Energy
Impact of useVery Low
Disassembly & DisposalVery Easy

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